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Your Dreams: Secret Wisdom and Guidance for Daily Life

Ever wondered about your nighttime dreams and the secret wisdom they contain? Learn simple techniques for dream recall and how to analyze your dreams for guidance on relationships, health, creativity, and your career. We’ll study symbols, characters, beliefs and decode their lessons. Discover how famous artists, filmmakers, inventors and healers harness the power of dreams – and how you can too. Bring a dream and an open mind – and get ready for adventure while you sleep!

Dates:  October 16-23rd, 2020

Meets:  10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Location: Online

Cost: $49.

What Your Crazy
Covid-19 Dreams Mean

Ex-boyfriends, bugs, hospitals, your sister has coronavirus… Wondering why you’re having strange dreams during this strange time? What do your crazy COVID-19 dreams mean? In this intro-to-dreams webinar, I will teach you the EXACT techniques I use to decode the secret messages they contain.

Date: Wed, 5/27, 12:30-1:30pm ET

Location: ONLINE

Cost: FREE.

Nightmares and Lucid Dreaming

Do you suffer from nightmares or sleep paralysis? Learn what causes nightmares, night terrors, sleep paralysis and how the practice of lucid dreaming has been shown to reduce or eliminate scary dreams, PTSD and phobias. Leave with specific techniques to train your mind to become lucidly aware in dreams which, in turn, can help you live life more freely.


Date: Sunday,  3/29, 1:15-3:15pm

Location: Main Line School Night, 260 Gulph Creek Road, Radnor, PA – MOVED ONLINE!

Cost: $45.

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