Follow your dreams…Literally.



Dream Power Session

In a 1:1 breakthrough session, we’ll work together to unlock the meaning of your powerful or recurring dream and connect it to what you are struggling with in daily life.  We’ll use your dream as a real-life experience to extract its lesson and message. Because the dream is a direct line to your subconscious, its meaning will feel right to you instinctively.  You’ll leave with specific action steps that get you back on your path. This 55-minute session is conducted over video call.   

Cost: $125.

Dreamwork for Creative Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to supercharge your business ideas?  Let me guide you step-by-step on how to follow your dreams with clear intention to achieve what you desire in your business. Together, we’ll identify triggers and obstacles that keep you blocked so you can be a dreamer AND a doer.

You’ll set specific goals that move you forward, unlock high levels of creativity and solve problems. Gain techniques for dream recall, lucid and mindful dreaming, dream analysis as well as ancient rituals of dream incubation, while also using law of attraction manifesting principles.


  • (6) full dreamwork sessions @60 min, over 12 weeks
  • Unlimited email check-in.
  • Dream journal
  • Rituals and exercises on dream incubation, lucid dreaming, dream recall, dream analysis, and manifesting.


    Cost: $1,250.

Nightmares Be Gone! 

Dreams are exciting, but for some can be scary – interfering with sound sleep and even daily functioning. Allow me to guide you on this delicate, brave journey to overcome your night fears so you or your child can sleep peacefully again. Depending on the need, I may work alongside your therapist or psychologist specializing in trauma/PTSD.  Starting with an initial discovery session, we’ll determine the best course of action and support.


Awakening the Dream Workshops

Designed to open your mind and stimulate powerful, juicy dreams that will bring adventure while you sleep tonight! In this 2-3 hour session, participants learn simple techniques for dream recall and analyze, dreams for guidance on relationships, health, creativity, and career/business. We’ll study symbols, characters, beliefs and decode their lessons.  Workshops can be tailored to focus on creative writing, art, problem-solving or healing. Bring a dream to work on or no dream at all. (The very act of just thinking about a dreamwork session will stimulate dreams!)

For 6-12 participants.  Cost: $35/person.

Dream Girl Power Mastermind Group

Dream with others and maximize your power to live your dreams to the fullest.  Organize a group or allow me to connect you with a small group of like-minded dream lovers to do serious, yet fun dreamwork together. I’ll train you and give you the tools to facilitate your own  group for shared growth.  Perfect for teens, college students, entrepreneurs, creatives, and supportive circles of friends.

Ready to follow your dreams?