Wake up to the beauty and power of your night dreams.


What if you could literally follow your dreams?  What if your dreams at night could actually guide you through daily life? What if you need only to understand the messages they contain to tap into your own wisdom?  Let me show you how to boldly (or gently) tap into their creative and healing power. Your dreams await…

power to heal

Reduce suffering from emotional and physical pain.

power to create

Launch a new business venture or express your artistic nature.

power to love

Attract the love of your life for the first time – or all over again.

Hi, I’m Sharon.  Certified Dreamwork Professional and Intuitive Guide

A little about me. I  am a successful entrepreneur, writer and artist, educator, and avid dreamer. A former boss once told me I was passion turned action and that I think in constellations. She also said she’d never seen anyone figure out and learn from mistakes as quickly as me.

But I’ve also never trusted myself to make good decisions…until I rediscovered my childhood love of dreams.

As I started to work with my dreams, I began to see the patterns of my life emerge – unlike any therapy or coaching I’ve done. Admittedly impatient and ever-practical and resourceful, I found dreams to be a fast track to information.

I began to follow my dreams for everything from career choices -to the launch of a business – to caregiving decisions for my father with dementia – to diagnose and treat my unexplained stomach pain – to manage my driving phobia and PTSD- to improving my relationship with my spouse- to writing songs. Following dreams, I learned to gently shift so my whole life aligned with ease.  Things came into focus so early and often, and with uncanny precision.  

Following my dreams has led me on new adventures and are an instant guidance system for me.  They are magical and clever, making me feel creative, intuitive, spiritual and fully alive. I dare say, like a best friend.

Dreamwork is now a lifelong study that keeps my mind sharp. I’ve tracked my dreams for over 7 years, recorded over 500 dreams, and interpreted over 250 dreams.

It’s odd how much we are told to “follow our dreams” – yet we have never been taught how to actually do it. Let me teach you how to follow your dreams, too.

What People are Saying

Sharon’s charismatic energy is contagious! I love her infectious laugh and creative process, as she leads our group’s dream interpretations. Helping to make sense of my night-time dreams has assisted me with both job choices, close relationships, among other things.  She’s also very intuitive when it comes to helping people discover their own solutions to problems that are mysteriously uncovered through their dreams.

Laura B.

Wellness Consultant, Caregiver

Sharon’s fearless entrepreneurial spirit has been quite an inspiration in my own life and career. She nudges me forward, opening my eyes to what is possible –  through my dreams and in waking life. It’s that underlying compassion and human understanding that makes Sharon special.

If you have the opportunity to work with Sharon, be prepared to expand your horizons. She will teach you how to dream big and follow those dreams. She’s certainly done that for me, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Cara I.

Project Manager

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